How to get an EIN in VA?

Federal Tax Identification Number also known as employer identification number i.e. EIN. Basically EIN is a nine-digit unique number assigned solely to your business by IRS. This EIN is used to identify your business to several other federal agencies responsible for control and management of business. Any organization that endeavor the product or services in Virginia and pays any form of tax need to get a Federal Tax ID or EIN and a State ID Number. One can apply for an EIN or Federal or State Tax ID Number for the business entity by mail, online, fax or by phone.

What are the different steps to obtain an EIN in Virginia i.e. VA?

In order to get an EIN for the business entity in Virginia, one need to follow certain steps such as –

  • Prepare your required information

If you have a business plan in place as well as your articles of incorporation or partnerships agreement (for partnerships and LLC). But apart from all these information, one need to gather the following information such as –

  • Legal Names – One need to get the full legal names of all the founding members of your business organization.
  • Addresses – You will need to have the addresses of all the business members of the organization.
  • SSN – You need to have the social security number (i.e. SSN) of all the members for tax purposes.
  • Your business name – You need to settle on the business name before you begin the registration process.
Once you have all these information, you can follow to the next step of the process.
  • Apply for a Virginia EIN Online

In order to apply for a Virginia EIN for business entity Online, one need to answer few questions about yourself and about your business. These questions may include your business name, address, SSN Number and your legal name. You need to fill these information in the EIN application form. Once you have completed the application form you need to submit it for processing. You will receive your EIN for the business entity immediately in the form of mail in an hour or less, which means you can start your business and start generating the revenue as early as possible.

  • Apply for a Virginia EIN by Phone, Mail or Fax

In order to apply for the EIN over phone, you need to call the IRS customer care number. You need to answer some questions which EIN customer care agent will ask you over phone. You can call IRS customer care number from Monday to Friday between 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time. EIN customer care agent will assign you EIN at the end of the phone call. The person who is making the call must be accredited to receive an EIN and answer the questions concerning with Application Form SS-4. But if you were incorporated outside of US, then you need to call from Monday to Friday between 06:00 AM to 11:00 PM Eastern Time.

One can also fill your EIN application Form by hand and send it to IRS portal via fax or via mail. You will get the EIN in 4-6 weeks by mail.

This is how one can get an EIN in Virginia i.e. VA.