How to get an EIN in NYC?

In order to obtain your Tax ID (i.e. EIN) in New York, you need to start by choosing the legal structure of the entity you wish to get. Obtaining an EIN in New York is a process that most of businesses, trusts, estates, non-profit and church organizations need to complete. Even for the businesses and entities that are not required to obtain a Tax ID (i.e. EIN) in New York, are suggested to obtain it. As, it can help you in protecting the personal information of an individuals by allowing them to use their Tax ID (i.e. EIN) instead of their Social Security Number.

Information needed to apply for a NYC Tax ID (i.e. EIN)

To successful file and complete your EIN Application in New York. You need to ensure that you have the following information available or in-hand. These information may include –

Legal Name of the Entity – You need to make sure that you have the correct legal name of the business, Non-profit or Trust determined prior to apply for an EIN, so as to ensure that New York Tax ID (i.e. EIN) is issued under the correct name.

Responsible Party – The individual who act as or will be designated as the responsible party for the business or entity will be responsible for direction, controlling and managing the entities funds and assets.

Business Address – The physical business address of the organization or entity must be disclosed. This address must be a physical address where you can easily receive mail and not a PO Box.

Contact E-mail & Phone Number – Each New York Tax ID (i.e. EIN) Application need to have a valid e-mail address and phone number. As this information is needed to ensure that in the event the application has errors or corrections, we can easily reach you to properly process your application and issue a Tax ID or Employee Identification Number.

How to apply for an EIN in NYC?

The IRS offers you various ways to obtain a valid Tax ID (i.e. EIN) in NYC – using the internet, telephone, fax or mail –

Apply for an EIN in NYC Online

In order to apply for an EIN in NYC Online, you need to have a valid Social Security Number, Employer Identification Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Navigate to the website and click on the “Businesses” tab at the top of the page. Now click on the “Employer ID Number” under the “Business Topic” section in the left navigation bar. Click on the “Apply for an EIN online” link option and then click on the “Apply Online Now” link option so as to direct to the online Tax ID (i.e. EIN) application. Start the application by clicking on the “Begin Application” option and answer all the questions in the online application when prompted. Print out the confirmation once you submit your application. You will receive an EIN as soon as the information given by you are validated.

Apply for an EIN in NYC by Mail or Fax

In order to apply for an EIN in NYC by Mail or Fax, you first need to obtain an application Form SS-4. You can download and print out this form from the website. Complete the application Form SS-4 and sign and date it at the bottom. Make a photocopy of this application form for your own records. Mail this completed Form SS-4 to –

  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Attn: EIN Operation
  • Cincinnati, OH 45999

You can also fax the completed application

Apply for an EIN in NYC by Phone

In order to apply for an EIN in NYC by phone, international applicants need to call the IRS from Monday to Friday between 06:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Eastern Time) so as to obtain their EIN.