How to get EIN Number for Estate?

Estates need the employer identification number (i.e. EIN) for many different reasons. An employer identification number is also known as the federal tax identification number and identifies the estate to the Internal Revenue Service (i.e. IRS). You can obtain an EIN for an estate via online, by phone, by mail or even by fax. Read more on “How to get EIN Number for Estate?”

What are the different steps to obtain your EIN for an Estate?

In order to obtain your EIN for estate, you need to follow these steps such as –

  • Prepare your business owner information

While obtain the EIN for estate, you need to first ensure that you prepare all the business owner information or to be more specific, you need to prepare the information related to the estate. You need to have information such as the name and Social Security Number of the deceased person and you also need the name of the executor or trustee, their Social Security Number and their contact details. If the responsible party or the deceased individual does not have the Social Security Number (i.e. SSN), then you need to use their Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (i.e. ITIN).

  • Apply for an Estate EIN Online

This is one of the fastest and easiest options to apply for an estate tax ID (i.e. EIN) Number online. To qualify to use the online application for the EIN, your company must be US based and the estate must be in the United States. This rule also applies to the corporations, partnerships and other entities that are applying for an Estate Tax ID or EIN Number.

To make this process goes smoothly, you need to gather all your details before starting the online application. To apply for an Estate Tax ID (i.e. EIN) Number online, you must have the following information on hand –

. You need to identify the information for both i.e. for the deceased individual and executor. The information you need to identify are –

  • Legal Name
  • Social Security Number

. Mailing Address

. Contact Phone Number

  • Apply for an Estate EIN by Phone, Mail or Fax

You can also apply for an estate tax ID or EIN by phone, mail or fax. Only international applicants can apply for an EIN over the phone. For applying an EIN over the phone for the business entity. One needs to call the IRS specialty number and have to answer the few questions which the IRS customer agent asks you over the phone call. You can call the IRS customer care number from Monday to Friday between 07:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Eastern Time). The IRS customer care agent will assign you your Employee Identification Number at the end of the phone call. But if the applicant is residing out of the US, then you need to call the IRS customer care number from Monday to Friday between 06:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

For applying for an EIN through the mail or over the fax requires the same form. Whether you apply through the mail or over fax, both of these options are time-consuming and they can add unnecessary delays to your process.

When you use the mailing option, you need to take the printout of Form SS-4. Manually fill out the Form SS-4 with all the necessary details and mail the completed Form SS-4 to the IRS via mailing address –

  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Attn: EIN Operation
  • Cincinnati, OH 45999

If any details are missing, you need to revisit the Form SS-4 and fix the mistakes, adding time onto your Form SS-4. Basically, you will get the EIN in 4-6 weeks by mail. Similarly, when you apply for the EIN with a fax machine, you need to send the completed EIN application form by a fax machine to this number Basically in the fax process the application is transmitted slowly.

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