How to Fill Out an EIN Application?

There are many ways through which you can fill out your EIN application. This is not a difficult task to do. Since the IRS issues the EIN, to the business owner

takes up to two weeks to make your EIN number as in its permanent records. Furthermore, for filing any business tax return and making any electronic payment you must-have in the IRS’s permanent records.

In order to fill the EIN online application, you need to visit the IRS portal from 7 am to 10 pm from Monday to Friday Eastern Time. Just fill in the required information on the portal to fill out the EIN application by providing your business details correctly. Only give answers to the randomly asked questions by filling in the blanks and checking boxes and buttons. 

Here are some steps which will help you to fill out EIN application online-

Visit the IRS website

Yes, for commencing the process to fill the EIN application is only to visit the portal first. Obviously, if you are looking for getting your EIN by applying online you should have a proper internet connection as well. Click on the Submit application form to proceed with applying for EIN. 

Identifying your business entity type-

You will find different opinions for filing your EIN number. If your business is set up as an LLC then you need to click on that and if it is a corporation business then you need to click on that option.  This will be acquired by the IRS when you chose the option of your business entity to get your EIN. You will get options according to your chosen option of business entity. Then click on the continue option to proceed further. 

Fill in information related to your choice

If you are having an LLC business then you have to provide the information about all the members. Also, fill in the state where your business is being located. As there are different LLC operating agreements for different states. Just fill-up the details and number of members into the field provided. Then select the state in which your business is located. At last click on the continue button to fill your EIN application.

State the reason for requesting EIN-

  • When you are filing an EIN application online, you will be asking for the reason that why you are applying for an EIN. You should have a genuine reason for your application for an EIN number. You will have options like 
  • Hired employees
  • Started a new business
  • For banking purpose
  • Changed your organization type
  • Purchased active business

Generally, click on you started a new business according to your entailment to fill for the EIN application. Then close the form by clicking on the submit button. 

Describing a contact person- 

You will be asked to fill about the responsible party in the form. Actually, it is the contact person who is to be the individual or business responsible for the tax matter purpose. After filling in those details, the IRS will send a letter to the business. In the case of LLC taxed you have to fill a corporate officer as the responsible party. Then click on the Continue option after identifying the type of primary member or principal officer. 

Fill the business location-

For filling an EIN application form online, you will be asked to for your business location that where you are putting up your business exactly. Your business address must be a US address and it may not be a PO box address. You are also advised not to use any punctuation, hyphen, and a back-slash while filling in the address of your business.

Fill in the details about the trade name of your business

While filling the EIN application, just provide the details about the name of the entity, the trade name if you have any, and fill the exact state code where your entity is been located. 

Tell if your business is subject to special federal excise taxes-

After filling in the details about the business entity, address, and starting date of your business, you will be asked for a number of queries like:

  • About vehicle
  • Gambling
  • Quarterly federal excise tax returns
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms.

Then click continue to proceed further.

  • Fill in your State of business– When the option is being prompted in front of you then you have to fill in the state where actually your business is located. After filling in the state details, click on the Continue button. 
  • Choose your mode of getting a confirmation letter– If you are applying for an EIN number, then you have to choose the option for getting your confirmation letter for your EIN online or by mail. If it is online then you can view it immediately. Further, ensure that you are having the Adobe Rader program installed on your PC as well. 

Furthermore, if you choose the option to get your confirmation about getting your EIN number through the mail, the IRS will send it to your mailing address. This may take up to four weeks to get your confirmation letter in your mail if you choose this option to get your EIN. Finally, click on the Continue option to proceed.  

Finally, verify your information

After filling up all the details regarding applying EIN, get a printout first to re-check the application-filled details. If there are any errors then you may proceed with starting a new application. After doing the overall analysis, click on SUBMIT option to finally apply for the EIN number. 

So, this is radical information that is being provided for your assistance that you may not get any hindrance while applying for the EIN as well. So, please ensure filling up the right information without mistake to apply for EIN. If you find any problems while doing the submission, let us know soon. WE will glad to help you.