How to apply for the EIN for non-profit organization?

As a non-profit organization, compliance with the IRS requirements is paramount. To be seen as a positive non-profit organization, one need to have a good standing with the IRS website.  As you need a Tax ID or EIN for the tax administration purposes.

How and where to get an EIN?

Non-profit organization may apply for the EIN from the IRS website. Whether you are going to have employees in your non-profit organization or not, you need to apply for the EIN. EIN is just like a social security number for your non-profit, as the IRS will identify your organization with this number.

What are the different steps to apply for the EIN for a non-profit organization?

In order to apply for the EIN for a non-profit organization, you need to follow these steps such as –

  • Prepare mandatory business information

The initial starting point to obtain an EIN for a non-profit organization is to get all of the mandatory business information together. Gathering all of the mandatory business information lets you go through the application process much easier. The information that you need to include are – details on the responsible party of the non-profit organization, address as well as other pertinent details.

The IRS will be looking for a responsible party name and it needs to be an individual not an entity. The individual needs to have a Social Security Number or an ITIN to go through the process. The responsible party is the individual with the ability to do all communication with the IRS. The responsible party also has the ability to control and manage all of the assets of the non-profit organizations.

  • Apply for a non-profit organization EIN Number Online

Non-profit organization has a variety of options when it comes to obtain a unique nine-digit EIN from IRS. The online application provides you a vehicle to easily and quickly apply for and obtain an EIN for your non-profit organization.

The online application will involve you taking the mandatory business information and inputting it into the online website of the IRS. The virtual form has set up where you can enter all of the details pertaining to the responsible party, to the business in general, right through the virtual application. To apply for a non-profit tax ID or EIN online, you want to have your organization information in hand –

  • Organization is or will be registered with your state

Responsible Party information may include –

  1. Legal Name
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Physical Business Address
  4. Contact Phone Number

Apply for a non-profit organization EIN via Mail or Fax

Non-profit organization has options outside of the online application method when it comes to obtaining an EIN. The other option will include applying for the nine-digit and unique EIN via mail or fax. Whether you are applying via the mail or fax, the two things that are necessary are – you need to print out the form SS-4 EIN Application and you also need to be sure that you have fill all the necessary mandatory business information.

Once you do that you can put the complete SS-4 EIN Application through the fax machine and send it over for processing. Once everything is all set they will fax you back the unique nine-digit EIN or Tax ID Number.

Apply for a non-profit organization EIN by Phone

In order to apply for an EIN by phone, you need to call the IRS business specialty tax line between 07:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. If your organization is not located in the US state, You also need to answer a series of questions about your non-profit organization and its operations. These questions will be similar to the Form SS-4. You need to write down the EIN once you receive at the end of the call.