Employer EIN Number

Attain the employer EIN Number easily. Yes, this can be done within a few minutes to apply for an EIN number. EIN number basically assigned by the IRS and it is only provided once. when your EIN number is issued it can not provide to another party. This is a unique number. The IRS identifies the business type and allows a business owner to run his business.

On the other hand, there are some cases in which you may get your EIN number accordingly. For reporting employment taxes EIN is used. More than this, for hiring some employees a business owner needs EIN. It is a unique identification number that works for running your business entity. On the whole, you can get your employer EIN no. by visiting the portal of the IRS.

What is an employer EIN?

Employer EIN stands for Employer Identification Number and it is a nine-digit number. IRS allows your business entity to get verified and working. For filing a federal tax return, you need an EIN number. It is also called the Federal tax identification number.

If you have the social security number only then you can apply to get an EIN number. Otherwise, first, apply or getting the SSN number and afterward apply to get EIN. Be careful about not giving your EIN to the wrong hands. It can be used for identity theft.

Eligibility for getting EIN number-

For applying the EIN number or Employer EIN no., you should have the eligibility. It can be applied in a few cases:

  • You should be a resident of US or US territories.
  • Should have the Social Security Number prior to apply.
  • In case, if you are not a US resident, you may apply from another method.
  • If your business has changed from sole proprietor to partnerships.
  • Have LLC and corporation business entity.
  • Have government agencies.
  • Also, if you have non-profits and other types of organizations.

Furthermore, there are no size requirements needed as far as the employee is concerned. To apply for EIN is not that much an arduous task. You just need to follow the guideline that how to apply and when to apply. When applying for an EIN number, you have to also mention the state code, where your business is running.

Applying for an Employer EIN no.

To fill the application to get your EIN number, you may apply from various methods. But remember that you can only apply once from a single method. So fill the details while requesting for EIN accurately. Do not forget to mention the state code, where the business is located.

Application will automatically close after 15 minutes of inactivity if you are requesting online.

United States-resident

Before you apply, firstly you have to be a US resident. Just make sure while you are applying you have a social security number. There will be a field asking for a responsible party who is liable to get the access. Only you can apply online if you have your principal business running in the US region.

Simplest and easiest way to apply for Employer EIN no. is to apply online. It will save your time as well as your convenience.

  • Click to the portal of the IRS
  • Fill the details regarding the necessity of business entity
  • Recheck the details
  • Submit the task of application request for EIN number

Else in case, apply by mail or email to apply for an EIN number.

International businesses or non-US resident

It will happen in case, if you do not have a legal residence in US. You should have your business in US for applying online. If you do not have the principal business in US, you will be an international applicant.

Directly call up to the number of the IRS and ask them to have your EIN number or you can apply for employer EIN.

Hence, this is the required information for applying an EIN. If you find any hindrance, then let us know for any further help.