Apply for a Free EIN Number

How you can apply for a free EIN number is very important to know about for every business person who is having his own business entity. Applying for an EIN needs to be filled the application form SS-4 form which requires by the internal revenue service (IRS). To get your employer identification number we can easily help you out. The IRS doesn’t charge anything to give you an EIN number because this is totally free.

Along with this, a few questions are required by the IRS into the whole process of which takes a few minutes to get done. You can apply for an EIN number by going online for filling up the application form over there and then Submit it in the meantime to get your EIN number by the IRS. Furthermore, you can also file the application by mail or by fax.

How to Apply for a free EIN?

For your information, it is very easy to apply for a free EIN number and there is no need to pay any amount to anyone for getting your EIN number to run your business as well. Do not prefer any third party to make it done for you and do not trust any other people if they are promising that they will provide you the employer identification number. Only you can make it done by going through the portal or you can call on the given number and you can mail or fax for getting your EIN number.

Since, this is a free service and IRS is not charging any amount to provide an EIN number. There is an online application process to apply for an EIN number, which is the IRS preferred method. 

In addition, if you are an international applicant so you can apply for your EIN number on the phone. As details for each of the processes or methods to apply for a free EIN number are available on the IRS website. For this, you’ll need to fill the FORM SS4. 

After filling out the details in the IRS will review your application and then it will automatically assign an EIN number to your business entity. Only just you need to ensure that your business entity has a tax-exempt status which is a non-profit organization even though you will still need an employer identification number for your business.

For this, you have to select a ‘church or Church controlled organization’ or ‘other non-profit organization’ as a type of entity on your application, while applying for a free EIN number for your business. After choosing the method you will get a form SS4 notice. It will show up that your business has been assigned an EIN Number. 

How to get a free Employer ID Number?

As the EIN number is a unique number which is provided by the IRS for free and it doesn’t charge anything from the person who is liable to apply for a free EIN. If you are running your business, so you would need this EIN number which is a nine-digit no. which identifies your business type and entity whatever you are running for your business.

Obviously, this is a free EIN number. which you will need to get to run your business. Furthermore, if you are not having any employees within your organization or you are a sole proprietor then you don’t need to request for a free EIN. This EIN no. is the same as the Social Security Number but this is basically for a business entity like LLCs, a corp. In sole proprietorship, the EIN number. is obviously needed if he is also having employees.  

Is EIN is mandatory for all businesses?

Basically, this question matters a lot to give the proper answer about this. So, for your knowledge to know that this is not mandatory for business handlers. Because if you are a sole proprietor and you are no having any employees with you though you would not need this EIN for running your business as well. After all, you are already handling your business, and why get any other involvement regarding your own solely business. 

But in case, if you will think of doing your business on the large scale then you would need the EIN number for sure.

How to apply to get my EIN for Free?

There are some easy methods to apply your EIN no. Look into the process and make it feasible for you to apply for EIN. No need to pay anything anywhere. The IRS is providing it to you for free.

  • Apply Online- Visit the page of the IRS portal and then fill up the required details regarding your business entity. After filling up all the details just submit the application to get your EIN no.
  • Apply by mail– Well processing time quant for receiving an EIN application is mainly four weeks. Before doing mail, firstly ensure that the SS-4 form contains all the entailed information regarding your request for EIN on. 
  • Apply by Fax– To request your EIN number from the IRS, it takes up to 4 business days. Just fax to the right address else you have to fill the SS-4 form again and submit it frequently.
  • Apply by phone- This case is only for the persons, who are international applicants. Evidently, this process is easy to perform and takes a few minutes to process your free EIN request. Call only Monday through Friday and the schedule will also be from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm Eastern time.

Overall, we are expecting that this information may help you to get your EIN number. In addition to this, there is obviously no need to pay a single penny to anyone for getting help. Because of we have given you the opposite information about having the free EIN number. In spite of this, if you need help then we will let you know about the exact solution. 

We will be glad to sort your conflicts.