Application for an employer ID number-

Filling the application for an employer ID number is an easy-to-submit task. There is no need to wander here and there on different websites for grabbing information about this. Over here you will get complete information of applying the application for getting an employer ID number.

To get your EIN no. you have to fill the application form to make your request. Submit the application for an employer ID number for free. Use your EIN number while applying for business loans, filing tax returns. Making a request to get the EIN number is a task of not more than a minute to submit. But there are more methods through which you may apply to get your EIN number. So, without hassling just fill application for an employer ID number. 

Benefits of EIN Number-

When you get the EIN number for sure, you get more benefits to run your business. So, there are some mentioned benefits for you which you should know while having the EIN number.

  • It is giving you safety especially in the case of sole proprietors or individuals.
  • It can be helpful to all the companies to establish their credit for their business.
  • Having EIN you can get business licenses and permits.
  • It helps you to open a business bank account using your business name.  
  • If you have your EIN number, it will help you in avoiding the tax penalties
  • When you have an EIN number then you can prevent identity theft.
  • While applying for business loans and filing tax returns, you need EIN.
  • As in the case of a sole proprietor, you can use your EIN rather than your social security number. It is because of sending 1099 forms to any contractors or freelancers you paid, 
  • More than this, an EIN number helps the single member of LLCs by giving limited liability. 

How to fill application for an employer identification number?

There are the reasons why you require to get EIN. You need EIN number for-

  • Opening business account
  • Hiring employees
  • Filing business tax returns

Apply for EIN-

There are the different modes through which you may apply to fill the application for an employer ID number. As EIN is a unique digit number that is provided by the federal government for identifying your business entity. For filling up the application for getting EIN, your principal business should be in the US region. When you are close to applying for getting EIN you should have the SSN number firstly.

Applying online application for EIN consists of some parts to be done-

  • Your business identity
  • Authenticated party
  • Your business located address
  • Business details
  • EIN number confirmation letter

Some points to be noted that once you start filling up the form for applying Employer ID it will automatically expire after 15 minutes of inactivity. Once you submit the application for an EIN number, you can get your EIN immediately.

Apply for EIN through the below-mentioned modes-

  • Online– While applying online, you may get EIN immediately. But it will apply only for the US residents to apply for EIN online.
  • Phone– If you are a non-US resident or international applicant, just call the IIRS directly to ask about EIN.
  • Fax– When you fax for applying EIN on the fax number of IRS then it takes up to four business days to return back to you with your EIN number.
  • Mail– For having your EIN number through the mail you have to wait for 4 to 5 weeks. Exactly, after filling up the SS4 form for getting EIN will return you after four to five weeks after mailing.

If you find any issue while applying for getting the EIN number then visit us for more endorsement. We will surely try to gratify you with the apposite solution.