Non profit tax id (EIN) application

How to Get a Non-Profit Organization Tax ID?

A non-profit organization is always in the favor of other organizations to help them with financial support. Moreover, for having the Non-Profit Organization Tax ID, you need to fill in the Non-Profit Organization Tax ID (EIN) Application. Even the organizations don’t have the aim to earn profit. But in spite of earning profit for themselves, they used to help other organizations on priority. Fill in the Non-Profit Organization Tax ID (EIN) Application to get your EIN.

The Non-Profit Organizations help the other organizations to achieve the goals and objectives. In addition to this, there are the non-profit-organizations that use the donation which they receive for staying up and running. When there are some businesses that are always running for grabbing revenues and profits for their business. Hence, the businesses are only liable to file income taxes and opening the business bank count for their business if they have an EIN number. Businesses with more employees like corporations and LLC have to always keep the EIN number with themselves. But in the case of being a sole proprietor without employees, he may use the SSN number in place of EIN.

There are several methods to apply for an EIN number. This is basically provided by the IRS department. There are no hidden charges to have an EIN number. Because the IRS is delivering these services totally free of cost. There are multiple websites that occurs more charges for giving EIN numbers. Beware of them and be safe from these kinds of suspicious websites. The business owner needs to fill the SS4 form before applying for the EIN number. Hence, for applying the EIN for a non-profit organization, fill the Non-Profit Organization Tax ID (EIN) Application.

    Basic Information

    Responsible Party Information

    Organization Address (PO Boxes Not Allowed)

    Non-Profit Information

    Reason for Applying*

    Common Questions


    Apply Online

    • The very first step is to visit the IRS website for applying for the EIN number. When you will visit the website, you will have the option for applying EIIN online. Then fill-up the form SS4 to submit.
    • When you are applying for EIN, you need to choose the option of a non-profit organization or business entity.
    • Therefore, in the next step, download the pdf file of your EIN.

    Apply by Mail or Fax

    • Easily apply to have the EIN by mail or fax. There is a need to fill in the SS4 form to proceed with the request by downloading it from the IRS website.
    • Your company’s information of contact should be there.
    • Also, select the option of a nonprofit organization.
    • For making the copy of files you need to sign it and mention the date.
    • After doing this, mail the SS4 form to the IRS email address and also you may apply by ending the SS4 form by fax directly.
    • Enter the right state code for applying for the EIN number according to your state.
    • Furthermore, you have to wait for the response letter from the IRS. All in all, it will take up to four business days to get the confirmation letter if done by fax.
    • If the request has been sent by mail then you have to wait further for four weeks to get your EIN.

    Apply by Phone

    • If you are an international client, you can apply for EIN by calling.
    • Directly call the landline number of the IRS and answer series of questions about your non-profit organization.
    • They may also ask queries related to the operations of your organization.
    • At last, you have to write the given EIN number at the end of the call by the IRS.

    Hence, these are the proper ways to apply for your Employer identification number. Every method has different timings to get EIN. Therefore, expand your business by granting business loans and make a business bank account for running your business for keeping all the transactional records of your business.