Employer ID

If you are a business owner so, you must have the employer ID which identifies your business type. Yes, this is the Employer Identification Number. The EIN is also called the federal identification number because it is provided by the federal government or the IRS. Getting your Employer Id is important for you. It will require every time whenever you are supposed to do any business transaction or filing some business taxes.

If an Employer ID means EIN, is already assigned to a business party, it will never reissue to another party. This is totally a unique identification number that is exactly helping IRS to identify your business type. If you are thinking of paying some amount to get your EIN number, then there is no need to pay any charges. This is a free application to apply to get an EIN number. Employer ID is very important to be there along with you in your business.

By going through the web portal of IRS, you can easily apply to get the Employer ID which is an EIN number. But for applying online, there is a condition that you have to the US resident for applying EIN.

Moreover, there are some cases in which you can not apply online to get an EIN number. The online application scenario comes in the case of non-US residents and if you do not have your business in US territories. So, explicitly for applying online to get your employer ID, your business has to be located in the US.

Define EIN Number-

Your Employer Identification Number is a unique ID number same as the Social Security Number. If you do have the SSN number, only then you may apply to get an employer id. Basically, the SSN identifies the individual residents of the United States. Furthermore, the EIN identifies the business entities in the country which the IRS provides.

In addition to this, this tells the information about the state in which your corporation is running. When you apply for getting your EIN number, just mention your state code as well in the form. State code is mandatory to fill in the SS4 form.

How can I apply for an Employer Identification Number ?

Requesting your EIN number or Employer id is an easy process to do. Yes, it doesn’t charge anything from you if you are applying to get a new EIN. You can electronically file the form for getting the EIN number without wasting your time. You can find the requesting form on the IRS website. Once you are done with filling in all the details and submit them on the online portal then you will get your EIN number immediately.

But for filling your EIN form online, you should be the US resident or a US territory resident. The employer ID helps to file business returns, opening bank account for your business. For example, if you are sole proprietor with employees, EIN is too mandatory. if you do have SSN only then you can apply for EIN.

Your EIN number never expires once it is assigned. Obviously when a unique number provided to you it can never be re issued to other party.

Steps to get employer ID-

Get your Employer ID by filling up the online form. This is the easiest process that allows you to get your EIN number immediately. The steps involved in the application of EIN online are-

  • Visit the portal of the IRS
  • Fill up the necessary details of your business entity
  • Re check the filled details to finely submit the application
  • Finally, submit the online EIN form to get your EIN number immediately.

You may apply to get your EIN number by mail or fax. Ensure that you are mailing or faxing to the exact address. But before sending the EIN application you have to fill up the SS4 form prior to proceed ahead. This may time some time to provide you the EIN. In another case, if you are a non-US resident then have the option to call the IRS directly to ask for your EIN.

If you find any complexion then let us know for sure. We will try our best to resolve your query as soon as possible.