EIN Number USA

Applying for an EIN Number USA can be done through different methods. Before applying for having your EIN, you need to get all the mandatory details regarding your EIN. If you are running your new business and wanted to file your business loans, file tax returns or want to hire some employees. Employer EIN stands for Employer Identification Number and it is a nine-digit number. IRS allows your business entity to get verified and working. For filing a federal tax return, you need an EIN number. It is also called the Federal tax identification number.

If you have the social security number only then you can apply to get an EIN number. Otherwise, first, apply or getting the SSN number and afterward apply to get EIN. Be careful about not giving your EIN to the wrong hands. It can be used for identity theft. There are no charges to apply for an EIN number.

Eligibility for EIN Number USA-

If you are a USA resident then you may apply to get your EIN online. Before applying for EIN number USA you should be eligible to get it. For applying the EIN number or Employer EIN Number, you should have the eligibility. It can be applied in a few cases:

  • You should be a resident of US or US territories.
  • Should have the Social Security Number prior to apply.
  • In case, if you are not a US resident, you may apply from another method.
  • If your business has changed from sole proprietor to partnerships.
  • Have LLC and corporation business entity.
  • Have government agencies.
  • Also, if you have non-profits and other types of organizations.

Furthermore, there are no size requirements needed as far as the employee is concerned. To apply for EIN is not that much an arduous task. You just need to follow the guideline that how to apply and when to apply. When applying for an EIN number, you have to also mention the state code, where your business is running.

Getting a new EIN online-

Yes, surely you can apply for having your EIN number online. While filling in the application for Employer number, there will be different empty fields that you need to fill in with accuracy about your business like-

  • Business name
  • Business type
  • Address etc.

After filling in all the accurate information regarding the business which you want to build, just submit the application form which is the SS4 form. 

This is the easiest way to get your EIN number within a few quant of time. Apart from this, there are ways to get a new EIN but they are quite time-consuming. Therefore, this is the easiest way to apply for a new EIN number.

Methods to get a New EIN Number USA –

There are ways to get a new EIN number. Go through all the ways and surely you would get your new EIN as soon as possible. But different methods have different quant to get your new EIN. 

  • Visiting on IRs portal- Go through the IRS portal, fill in the complete details of your business entity and submit them to get your new EIN number. It will take a few minutes or hours to give your EIN number.
  • By mail- If you are proceeding with the mail process, then you are entitled to download firstly the SS4 form and fill it up with accurate information and mail it. It takes nearly four weeks to get the EIN after submitting a request to get a new EIN.
  • By Fax- It is also can be done by filling the SS4 form and fax it to the given address for getting your new EIN number as well. Getting your new EIN, will take four business days through fax.  Address- Internal revenue service, Attn: EIN Operation, Cincinnati,  OH 45999
  • By Calling– Can get your EIN number by calling the Internal Revenue Service team between 6 am t 11 pm from Monday to Friday eastern time. 

For your information, your EIN number will change if you change the business entity. If you find any further complications while applying for EIN, get help from us. We make every section convenient for you to resolve your queries regarding EIN.

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